Instagram use and young women’s body image concerns and self-objectification: Testing mediational pathways

  title={Instagram use and young women’s body image concerns and self-objectification: Testing mediational pathways},
  author={Jasmine Fardouly and Brydie K. Willburger and Lenny R. Vartanian},
  journal={New Media \& Society},
  pages={1380 - 1395}
This study examined the relationship between Instagram use (overall, as well as specifically viewing fitspiration images) and body image concerns and self-objectification among women between the ages of 18 and 25 from the United States (n = 203) and from Australia (n = 73). Furthermore, this study tested whether internalization of the societal beauty ideal, appearance comparison tendency in general, or appearance comparisons to specific target groups on Instagram mediated any relationships… 

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