Instagram and YouTube bloggers promote it, why should I buy? How credibility and parasocial interaction influence purchase intentions

  title={Instagram and YouTube bloggers promote it, why should I buy? How credibility and parasocial interaction influence purchase intentions},
  author={Karina Sokolova and Hajer Kefi},
  journal={Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services},

Pengaruh Attitude Homophily, Social Attractiveness, Self-Disclosure, Endorser Credibility, dan Parasocial Interaction terhadap Purchase Intention

The increase in internet users encourages endorsers to market a product to shift to online media such as Youtube. The use of the online media Youtube by endorsers creates a unique attraction and can

The Determinant Factors of Purchase Intention in the Culinary Business in Indonesia That Mediated by Parasocial Interaction and Food Vlogger Credibility

This study aims to analyze the relationship between physical attractiveness, attitude homophily, social attractiveness, openness, interactivity, credibility, parasocial interaction, and purchase

Antecedents and Consequences of Credibility and Parasocial Interaction on Food Shopping Intentions

  • Dea Farahdiba
  • Business
    Jurnal Manajemen Teori dan Terapan | Journal of Theory and Applied Management
  • 2022
Objective: In recent years, vlogging or a trending term, especially among YouTube viewers, has increasingly bombarded content on Google's video site. This study examines the antecedents and

The Effect of Social Media Influencer’s Parpasocial Interaction and Relationship on Users‘s Brand Attitude and Purchase Intention

The emergence of social media and technical development of smart phone allows media users to produce, share and spread a variety of contents, which results in a big change in their media usage

Gen Z, Instagram Influencers and Hashtags Influence on Purchase Intention of Apparel

This study aims to understand Gen Z and their relationship to influencers on #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) on Instagram and how the credibility of the influencer, parasocial interaction (PSI), physical


Longitudinal studies that measure the effect of bloggers on consumer purchase are essential to improve our understanding in how social media bloggers become role models in people lives. As the number

YouTube It Before You Buy It: The Role of Parasocial Interaction in Consumer-to-Consumer Video Reviews

Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) online reviews are important sources of information that help consumers decide which products and services to buy. Although C2C reviews in video format (e.g., on YouTube)



YouTube celebrities and parasocial interaction: Using feedback channels in mediatized relationships

Young media consumers are increasingly using online video platforms, as YouTube in particular registers extremely high numbers of viewers and subscribers. These numbers then increase the popularity

Reconsidering Models of Influence: The Relationship between Consumer Social Networks and Word-of-Mouth Effectiveness

ABSTRACT In today's fragmented media landscape, generating positive word of mouth (WOM) among consumers has become an important tool for marketers. Marketers are challenged with identifying

Marketing through Instagram influencers: the impact of number of followers and product divergence on brand attitude

ABSTRACT Findings of two experimental studies show that Instagram influencers with high numbers of followers are found more likeable, partly because they are considered more popular. Important, only

What factors influence millennials to like brand pages?

The purpose of this study is to investigate what factors influence young consumers to become fans of brand pages on social-networking sites and their intentions to purchase products or services from

The Development of Parasocial Relationships on YouTube

Continuing research on the development of parasocial relationships, the present study modernized a seminal study conducted by Rubin and McHugh (1987) investigating the relationship among

The effects of blogger recommendations on customers' online shopping intentions

Whether the blog reader's trusting belief in the blogger is significant in relation to the perceived usefulness of the blogger's recommendations; and how the blog read's perceptions influence his/her attitude and purchasing behavior online.