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Instabranding: Shaping the Personalities of the Top Food Brands on Instagram

  title={Instabranding: Shaping the Personalities of the Top Food Brands on Instagram},
  author={K. S. Ginsberg},
  journal={The Journal of Undergraduate Research},
  • K. Ginsberg
  • Published 2015
  • Business
  • The Journal of Undergraduate Research
Instagram is a growing social media platform that provides a means of self-expression and communication through creative visuals. Businesses are responding to this trend by using it as a cost-effective marketing tool. This paper examined the accounts of the leading food brands on Instagram: McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Shredz, Ben & Jerry’s, and Oreo. Photos were classified according to 11 elements: product, person and product, people and product, humor and product, world events, recipes, campaign… 

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Ben & Jerry's
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