Instability of vortical and acoustic modes in supersonic round jets

  title={Instability of vortical and acoustic modes in supersonic round jets},
  author={K. H. Luo and Neil D. Sandham},
The stability of ‘‘top-hat’’ and fully developed jet profiles is investigated by an inviscid linear stability theory for compressible flow. The study covers a wide range of the Mach number and the temperature ratio. Two types of instabilities are found: vortical and acoustic, each of which can be subdivided into non-radiating ~subsonic! and radiating~supersonic ! modes. The vortical mode is the continuation of the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability from incompressible flow. The acoustic mode is a… CONTINUE READING


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Sound generated by instability waves supersonic jets : Part 2 , Axisymmetric jets

F. Q. Hu
J . Fluid Mech . • 1984

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