Instability of microsatellites in human gliomas.

  title={Instability of microsatellites in human gliomas.},
  author={Erna Dams and Erik Van de Kelft and Juan Martin and Joris Verlooy and Patrick J. Willems},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={55 7},
We have analyzed DNA obtained from 10 glioblastomas multiforme and 6 astrocytomas for microsatellite instability, using 17 different microsatellite loci dispersed over 7 different chromosomes. Six of 16 gliomas showed 1 or more microsatellite alterations in tumor DNA as compared to constitutional DNA. We observed microsatellite instability resulting in allelic shifts in 5 of 10 glioblastomas multiforme but not in any of the astrocytomas. Loss of an allele was observed in 3 glioblastomas… CONTINUE READING

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