Instability of immunophenotype in plasma cell myeloma.

  title={Instability of immunophenotype in plasma cell myeloma.},
  author={Wenqing Cao and Charles L. Goolsby and Beverly P Nelson and Seema B. Singhal and Jayesh Mehta and Loann C Peterson},
  journal={American journal of clinical pathology},
  volume={129 6},
Little information has been reported describing antigen stability in plasma cell myeloma. In this study, the expression frequency and stability of 2 potential therapeutic targets, CD20 and CD52, along with the frequently aberrantly expressed CD56 antigen, were evaluated by flow cytometric analyses in 56 patients with plasma cell myeloma. Of the 56 patients, 23 (41%) showed immunophenotype change, including CD56 in 6 cases, CD20 in 7 cases, and CD52 in 17 cases. Combined CD56/CD52 change was… CONTINUE READING

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