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Instability of QBC systems to Topological Anderson Insulating phases

  title={Instability of QBC systems to Topological Anderson Insulating phases},
  author={Nicolau Sobrosa and Miguel Gonccalves and Eduardo V Castro},
Here we study the instabilities of a quadratic band crossing system to Chern insulating states and uncorrelated disorder. We determined the phase diagram in the plane of topological mass versus disorder strength, characterizing the system with respect to spectral, localization and topological properties. In the clean limit, the system has two gapped Chern insulating phases with Chern numbers C = ±2, and a trivial phase with C = 0. For finite disorder, the quadratic band crossing points are… 

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arXiv : 1807 . 11247 ( ? ? ? ? )
  • Phys . Rev . Lett . Phys . Rev . B
  • 2011