Instabilities of black strings and branes

  title={Instabilities of black strings and branes},
  author={Troels Harmark and Vasilis Niarchos and Niels A Obers},
  journal={Classical and Quantum Gravity},
  pages={R1 - R90}
We review recent progress on the instabilities of black strings and branes both for pure Einstein gravity as well as supergravity theories which are relevant for string theory. We focus mainly on Gregory–Laflamme instabilities. In the first part of the review, we provide a detailed discussion of the classical gravitational instability of the neutral uniform black string in higher-dimensional gravity. The uniform black string is part of a larger phase diagram of Kaluza–Klein black holes which… 

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Evolution and End Point of the Black String Instability: Large D Solution.

The solution of the equations that describe the dynamical evolution of black strings and branes to leading order in the expansion in the inverse of the number of dimensions D shows that thin enough black strings are unstable to developing inhomogeneities along their length, and at late times they asymptote to stable nonuniform black strings.



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