Instabilities, breathers and rogue waves in optics

  title={Instabilities, breathers and rogue waves in optics},
  author={John M. Dudley and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Dias and Miro Erkintalo and Go{\"e}ry Genty},
  journal={Nature Photonics},
Curious wave phenomena that occur in optical fibres due to the interplay of instability and nonlinear effects are reviewed. 

Two-dimensional Rogue Waves Induced by Nonlinear Optical Vortices

A novel mechanism for the generation of 2D spatio-temporal optical rogue waves in the presence of turbulence with interacting optical vortices is described. Applications are in lasers, optical

Real time measurements of temporal rogue waves and spontaneous modulation instability in optical fiber

We report the first real-time study of temporal rogue waves from spontaneous modulation instability. Time-lens magnification enables the direct capture of transient breather pulses and statistics,

Rogue wave fission

The authors show the disintegration of a higher-order rogue wave solution of the nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation into its constituent parts in the presence of system perturbation.

Dynamics of rogue wave and soliton emergence in spontaneous modulation instability

Numerical simulations of spontaneous modulation instability show that localized structures in the chaotic instability field are well-described by analytic elementary and higher order soliton on

Multicomponent rogue waves

We overview theoretical and experimental advances in the field of rogue wave solutions of multi-component optical wave systems. In these systems, the transfer of energy among the coupled waves may

Persistence of Extreme Events in Micro Resonators

Here we report a novel method utilizing a four-wave-mixing time lens to observe and characterize rogue waves in microresonators. We also experimentally measure, for the first time, persistence of

Complementary optical rogue waves in parametric three-wave mixing.

Analytic rogue wave solutions up to the second order are explicitly presented and their robustness is confirmed by numerical simulations, in spite of the onset of modulation instability activated by quantum noise.

Incoherent Branched Flow of Light

We present the first observation of optical branched flow of spatially-incoherent light.



Emergence of rogue waves from optical turbulence

We show the emergence of rogue wave events from optical turbulence by analyzing the long term evolution of the field. In particular, we identify three turbulent regimes depending on the incoherence

Solitons in a parametrically unstable plasma

It is shown that when analyzing Langmuir waves a change in the boundary conditions can lead to drastically different mathematical results.

Recent progress in investigating optical rogue waves

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The Peregrine soliton in nonlinear fibre optics

The Peregrine soliton — a wave localized in both space and time — is now observed experimentally for the first time by using femtosecond pulses in an optical fibre. The results give some insight into

Energy exchange between colliding solitons in photonic crystal fibers.

Collisions of femtosecond solitons in silica core photonic crystal fibers are investigated experimentally and theoretically. Clear spectral signatures of the significant energy exchange between the

Modulation instability, Akhmediev Breathers and continuous wave supercontinuum generation.

Numerical simulations of the onset phase of continuous wave supercontinuum generation from modulation instability show that the structure of the field as it develops can be interpreted in terms of

Active control of rogue waves for stimulated supercontinuum generation.

It is demonstrated that rogue waves provide a powerful tool to actively control a nonlinear system with minimal effort, and an optically switchable, ultrastable, and bright supercontinuum with greatly enhanced coherence is produced.