Inspection's role in software quality assurance

  title={Inspection's role in software quality assurance},
  author={David Lorge Parnas and Mark Lawford},
  journal={IEEE Software},
0 7 4 0 7 4 5 9 / 0 3 / $ 1 7 . 0 0 © 2 0 0 3 I E E E Researchers have responded to these problems by studying methods of formal correctness verification for programs. In theory, we now know how to prove programs correct with the same degree of rigor that we apply to mathematical theorems. In reality, this is rarely practical and even more rarely done. Most research papers on verification make simplifying assumptions (for example, a 1:1 correspondence between variables and variable names) that… 
Efficient software review process for small and medium enterprises
This review process is based on reviewers' efforts to produce high-quality software while minimising the inspection cost and has been successfully implemented in a CMM level 3 software development company intending to achieve CMMI level 5 and results are found to be quite encouraging.
An approach to improving software inspections performance
It is concluded that review rate is an important factor affecting code inspections performance and that the applicability of statistical methods was useful in modeling and predicting process performance.
Prosperity in Software Inspection: Improvement of Software Development Process Using an Inspection Smart Boost
The model presented in this paper has improved inspection process through software development based on life cycle as the most popular development model and a case study in an IT company indicates the validity of the model.
Software Inspections and Their Role in Software Quality Assurance
The analysis of software inspections related published data will show that software inspections play the most important role in software quality assurance.
A New Software Inspection Tool for Early Phases of Software Projects
A comprehensive web-based tool aiming at accelerating inspection process in the preliminary phases of constructing software and comparing the statistics related to the defects detected using this tool with those detected using the formal method shows the efficiency of the used tool.
A Review on Systematic Quality Software Designing and DevelopmentPractices
This paper presents a review on the systematically and efficiently designing, modelling and verification processt to help the improvisation of the quality of software designing process and development practices through various characters, roles and measures to participate in testing.
This study empirically investigated the SQA process followed in the software companies in Bangladesh and proposed a SQA model based on inspection process, and provided guidelines for continuous quality improvement.
Knowledge-centric and language independent framework for safety analysis tools
This paper presents a knowledge-centric and language independent framework and its application to develop safety analysis tools for avionics systems, and focuses on an eXtensible Common Intermediate Language (XCIL) for language independent analysis, and an extensible Pattern Specification language (XPSL) for representing domain-specific knowledge.
A Pattern-Based Framework for Software Anomaly Detection
Part of the Knowledge Centric Software (KCS) framework is described that embodies the pattern-based approach and provides capabilities for addressing different languages and different application domains and an overview of an inspection tool being developed for high assurance software for avionics systems.
Security Verification and Validation by Software SMEs: Theory versus Practice
To improve software engineering practice it is essential to observe the socio-technical realities that surround software development within an industrial context to ensure continued process improvement and improved technology adoption and research guidance.


State‐of‐the‐art: software inspections after 25 years
Various proposals have been made by researchers in the hope of improving Fagan's inspection method, including structural changes to the process and several types of support for the inspection process.
Software Inspection
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