Inspecting Images

  title={Inspecting Images},
  author={John Raymond Smythies},
  pages={57 - 72}
  • J. Smythies
  • Published 1 January 1983
  • Philosophy, Art
  • Philosophy
The inspectability of after-images has been denied. A typical claim is Ilham Dilman's: ‘I cannot say my apprehension of the after-image I see has changed but not the after-image itself’, for, he says, appearance and reality are one as regards the after-image. His reason is that this is a logical consequence of the fact that other people have no possible basis for correcting what I say about the after-image I see. 

Inspecting Images: A Reply to Smythies

John R. Smythies has commented upon three points in my article on the possibility of inspecting images. I shall deal with them in the same order as they appear in his discussion note. (1) He

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