[Insomnia in asthmatic patients].


In this paper, in order to assess the prevalence and features of insomnia as a subjective complaint in a sample of asthmatic outpatients. (n = 43; mean age = 36.39 +/- 12.85), items 44, 64 and 66 (that deal with insomnia complaints) of Derogatis' SCL-90-R (Symptom Check List 90 REvised), that was applied to the patients of the sample, are studied. A high prevalence of insomnia complaints is observed in our patients; over 70% of the sample manifests complaints of some type of insomnia. Insomnia complaints were higher (p < 0.0001) than in general population. No significant differences were evidenced according to sex and no correlation with age was observed in any of the items taken into account for insomnia complaints. A high positive intercorrelation was evidenced among the three items that we considered. Various factors associated with insomnia in asthma are discussed.

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