Insoluble condensed tannins of canola/rapeseed.

  title={Insoluble condensed tannins of canola/rapeseed.},
  author={Marian Naczk and Ryszard Amarowicz and Desmond B S Pink and Fereidoon Shahidi},
  journal={Journal of agricultural and food chemistry},
  volume={48 5},
The contents of soluble, SDS-extractable, and insoluble condensed tannins were determined in canola/rapeseed hulls from several varieties by utilizing the proanthocyanidin assay. The total amount of tannins in rapeseed/canola hulls ranged from 1913 to 6213 mg per 100 g of oil-free hulls. Insoluble tannins predominated in canola/rapeseed hulls and comprised from 70 to 95.8% of total tannins present. The amounts of SDS-extractable tannins were comparable to those of soluble tannins but… CONTINUE READING

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