Insights into the red algae and eukaryotic evolution from the genome of Porphyra umbilicalis (Bangiophyceae, Rhodophyta).

  title={Insights into the red algae and eukaryotic evolution from the genome of Porphyra umbilicalis (Bangiophyceae, Rhodophyta).},
  author={Susan H Brawley and Nicolas Achille Blouin and Elizabeth Ficko-Blean and Glen L. Wheeler and Martin Lohr and Holly V. Goodson and Jerry W Jenkins and Crysten E. Blaby-Haas and Katherine Emma Helliwell and Cheong Xin Chan and Tara N. Marriage and Debashish Bhattacharya and Anita S. Klein and Yacine Badis and Juliet A Brodie and Yuanyu Cao and Jonas Coll{\'e}n and Simon M. Dittami and Claire M. M. Gachon and Beverley R. Green and Steven J Karpowicz and J. W. Kim and Ulrich Johan Kudahl and Senjie Lin and Gurvan Michel and Maria Mittag and Bradley J. S. C. Olson and Jasmyn L. Pangilinan and Yi Peng and Huan Qiu and Shengqiang Shu and John T Singer and Alison G Smith and Brittany N. Sprecher and Volker Wagner and Wenfei Wang and Zhi-Yong Wang and Juying Yan and Charles Yarish and Simone Z{\"a}uner-Riek and Yunyun Zhuang and Yong Zou and Erika Lindquist and Gerald A Tuskan and Kerrie W Barry and Daniel S. Rokhsar and Jeremy Schmutz and John W. Stiller and Arthur R Grossman and Simon Prochnik},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={114 31},
Porphyra umbilicalis (laver) belongs to an ancient group of red algae (Bangiophyceae), is harvested for human food, and thrives in the harsh conditions of the upper intertidal zone. Here we present the 87.7-Mbp haploid Porphyra genome (65.8% G + C content, 13,125 gene loci) and elucidate traits that inform our understanding of the biology of red algae as one of the few multicellular eukaryotic lineages. Novel features of the Porphyra genome shared by other red algae relate to the cytoskeleton… CONTINUE READING
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