Insights into the Conformational Variability and Regulation of Human Nek2 Kinase

  title={Insights into the Conformational Variability and Regulation of Human Nek2 Kinase},
  author={I. Westwood and Donna-Marie Cheary and J. Baxter and M. Richards and R. V. van Montfort and A. Fry and R. Bayliss},
  journal={Journal of Molecular Biology},
  pages={476 - 485}
  • I. Westwood, Donna-Marie Cheary, +4 authors R. Bayliss
  • Published 2009
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of Molecular Biology
  • Summary The Nek family of serine/threonine kinases regulates centrosome and cilia function; in addition, several of its members are potential targets for drug discovery. Nek2 is dimeric, is cell cycle regulated and functions in the separation of centrosomes at G2/M. Here, we report the crystal structures of wild-type human Nek2 kinase domain bound to ADP at 1.55-Å resolution and T175A mutant in apo form as well as that bound to a non-hydrolyzable ATP analog. These show that regions of the Nek2… CONTINUE READING
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