Insights from sharks: Evolutionary and developmental models of fin development

  title={Insights from sharks: Evolutionary and developmental models of fin development},
  author={N. Cole and P. Currie},
  journal={Developmental Dynamics},
  • N. Cole, P. Currie
  • Published 2007
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Developmental Dynamics
  • The shark and its embryology have recently returned to the spotlight as a model animal in the quest to determine the origins of paired appendages during vertebrate evolution. As the most basal living gnathostomes, sharks and other extant chondrichthyans are ideal models to elucidate the developmental mechanisms utilised in mesoderm‐derived primitive fin morphologies. Chondrichthyans occupy a phylogenetic position and possess morphological structures that can answer major questions on the origin… CONTINUE READING
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