Insights from ARPES for an undoped, four-layered, two-gap high-T_c superconductor

  title={Insights from ARPES for an undoped, four-layered, two-gap high-T\_c superconductor},
  author={Wenhui Xie and Ove Jepsen and Ole Krogh Andersen and Yulin Chen and Z.-X. Shen},
An undoped cuprate with apical fluorine and inner ( i ) and outer ( o ) CuO 2 -layers is a 60 K superconductor whose Fermi surface (FS) has large n and p -doped sheets with the SC gap on the n -sheet twice that on the p -sheet [1]. The Fermi surface is not reproduced by the LDA, but the screening must be substantially reduced due to electronic correlations, and oxygen in the o -layers must be allowed to dimple outwards. This charges the i -layers by 0.01 | e | , causes an 0.4 eV Madelung… 

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Going ∆k [110] away from a FS sheet, the corresponding ARPES band first slopes ∼3 times less and then

    Observed mass-renormalizations are small and isotropic compared with those predicted by a one-band-per-layer Hubbard model with U =3.2 eV and LDA parameters


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      of the LAPW method with the Ceperley-Alder LDA xc-potential as well as with the LDA+U scheme

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