Insight4News: Connecting News to Relevant Social Conversations

  title={Insight4News: Connecting News to Relevant Social Conversations},
  author={Bichen Shi and Georgiana Ifrim and Neil J. Hurley},
We present the Insight4News system that connects news articles to social conversations, as echoed in microblogs such as Twitter. Insight4News tracks feeds from mainstream media, e.g., BBC, Irish Times, and extracts relevant topics that summarize the tweet activity around each article, recommends relevant hashtags, and presents complementary views and statistics on the tweet activity, related news articles, and timeline of the story with regard to Twitter reaction. The user can track their own… 
Hierarchical Summarization of News Tweets with Twitter-LDA
This work proposes to build an application to extractive summarize the news tweets into a flexible, topic-oriented hierarchy, which will allow browsing the tweets according to the user’s interest.
EKNOT: Event Knowledge from News and Opinions in Twitter
We present the EKNOT system that automatically discovers major events from online news articles, connects each event to its discussion in Twitter, and provides a comprehensive summary of the
A Data Collection for Evaluating the Retrieval of Related Tweets to News Articles
This paper uses a TREC-like pooling approach to associate news articles with relevant tweets and provides a benchmark for the related-tweet retrieval task by evaluating a number of retrieval approaches on this new data collection.
Tweet Summarization of News Articles: An Objective Ordering-Based Perspective
It is shown that initially identifying the diverse opinions can lead to better identification of the relevant tweets, and a tweet summarization technique that follows such a specific ordering is proposed that leads to the improved summary quality.
From Detection to Discourse: Tracking Events and Communities in Breaking News
This thesis presents techniques developed with the intention of supporting journalists who monitor social media for breaking news, starting with the curation of newsworthy sources, through to implementing an alert system forBreaking news events, tracking the evolution of these stories over time, and finally exploring the language used by different communities to gain insights into the discourse around an event.
Sensing Social Media Signals for Cryptocurrency News
This work compares several machine learning models, such as linear extrapolation, linear and random forest autoregressive models, and a sequence-to-sequence neural network for predicting the number of article mentions on Twitter after its publication of cryptocurrency news.
Political Hashtags & the Lost Art of Democratic Discourse
Key findings show differences in topical focus, emotional tone of discourse, and rhetorical styles between commenters who were shown news posts with political hashtags versus those shownNews posts without the hashtags.
Event-driven TV Programs Web Community Exploration
A data collection, integration and analysis framework that allows to compute, characterize and explore dynamic social web communities and focuses on communities of Twitter users that interact each-other around specific TV events and track their public cybersocial activities to analyze and visualize the information diffusion processes.
Deep neural network architecture for sentiment analysis and emotion identification of Twitter messages
A deep learning system for sentiment analysis and emotion identification in Twitter messages that consists of a convolutional neural network used for extracting features from textual data and a classifier for which the system achieves comparable performances to state-of-the-art techniques.
On Supporting Digital Journalism: Case Studies in Co-Designing Journalistic Tools
Since 2013 researchers at University College Dublin in the Insight Centre for Data Analytics have been involved in a significant research programme in digital journalism, specifically targeting tools


Be In The Know: Connecting News Articles to Relevant Twitter Conversations
A framework for tracking and automatically connecting news articles to Twitter conversations as captured by Twitter hashtags is proposed, and a machine learning approach for classifying and ranking article-hashtag pairs is proposed.
BLEWS: Using Blogs to Provide Context for News Articles
A system to address the problem in the restricted domain of political news by harnessing implicit and explicit contextual information from the blogosphere by tracking thousands of blogs and the news articles they cite, collapsing news articles that have highly overlapping content.
Event Detection in Twitter using Aggressive Filtering and Hierarchical Tweet Clustering
It is shown that aggressive filtering of tweets based on length and structure, combined with hierarchical clustering of tweets and ranking of the resulting clusters, achieves encouraging results.