Inside Outsiders

  title={Inside Outsiders},
  author={L. Kelly},
  journal={International Feminist Journal of Politics},
  pages={471 - 495}
  • L. Kelly
  • Published 2005
  • Sociology
  • International Feminist Journal of Politics
Abstract The campaign by feminists to gender the international human rights agenda predates the emergence of mainstreaming as a methodology. This ‘activist mainstreaming’ provides an interesting case study since it operates at the transnational level with actors primarily from civil society. This article explores how the issue of violence against women provided a strategic framing for a global alliance, which also proved adept at using the political opportunity structures of the UN, and… Expand
Frames in Contestation
It is argued that translation brings a concept of domestic violence, which stretches gender equality ideas underpinning international norms so as to be easier to endorse by mainstream policy actors, and results in policies framed in degendered individual rights terms. Expand
New Directions in Feminism and Human Rights
On the sixtieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, feminists are at a critical juncture to re-envision and re-engage in a politics of human rights that underscores the creativeExpand
Neoliberalism and violence: The Big Society and the changing politics of domestic violence in England
Focusing on the domestic violence sector as a case study, this article examines how the Big Society agenda, coming alongside public spending cuts, is affecting the independence and ability of women’sExpand
Engaging with policy actors and the discursive politics of school-related gender-based violence in Ethiopia and Zambia
ABSTRACT School-related gender-based violence (SRGBV) has received growing attention in policy and practice over the past decade, increasingly attended to in national and international contexts. YetExpand
‘Transnationalism reversed’: Engaging religion, development and women's organizing in Bangladesh
Synopsis This paper situates women's activism in Bangladesh within the intersecting forces of rising religious extremism, transnational feminism, and global capitalist development. My work here seeksExpand
Violence Against Women and Girls: Feminist Activism and Resistance
This chapter considers the various ways in which feminist principles and influences have shaped victim-oriented legislative and service provision developments and changes. The chapter traces theExpand
Rape and human rights : a feminist perspective
Echoing the ambivalent relationship feminism has historically had with law, feminists working within the violence against women movement within England and Wales have shown little enthusiasm for aExpand
The Impact of Feminism on Sociology
The paper investigates the impact of feminism on British sociology over the last 60 years. It focuses on changes in the intellectual content of the discipline, including epistemology, methodology,Expand
From Practice to Theory: Feminist International Relations and ‘Gender Mainstreaming’
I argue that gender mainstreaming across varied policy contexts may help to transform the ‘inferior’ status allocated to feminist international relations (IR) in relation to mainstream (masculinist)Expand
Femifesta? A Feminist Manifesto for the 21st Century
I discuss the challenges that feminist activists in academia have raised about how to deal with violence against women and girls (VAWG) and gender-related violence (GRV) through education andExpand


Rights Inside Out: The Case of the Women's Human Rights Campaign
This essay traces the relationship between activists and academics involved in the campaign for “women's rights as human rights” as a case study of the relationship between different classes of whatExpand
Displacement and Empowerment: Reflections on the Concept and Practice of the Council of Europe Approach to Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Equality
While the Council of Europe process approach is shown to be a fundamental "displacing" asset, there are important shortcomings, such as its consensualist premise, lack of space for oppositional politics, and general technocratic understanding of gender mainstreaming, hindering empowerment. Expand
Abstract In 1995, over 30,000 women's rights advocates attended the United Nations (UN) Fourth World Conference on Women and made a substantial difference in conference outcomes. However, advocates'Expand
Feminism, imperialism and the mission of international law
This special issue of the Nordic Journal of International Law is testimony to the range of international interventions that have been enabled by the energies and insights of feminism. Each of theExpand
Gender vs. Diversity Mainstreaming: A Preliminary Examination of the Role and Transformative Potential of Feminist Theory
  • O. Hankivsky
  • Political Science
  • Canadian Journal of Political Science
  • 2005
Abstract. This paper considers why gender mainstreaming (GM), a strategy that many have claimed holds promise for transforming public policy and working towards social justice, is inherently limitedExpand
Beyond Victim or Survivor: Sexual Violence, Identity and Feminist Theory and Practice
In this chapter we examine recent debates about the meaning of sexual victimization. These struggles have implications for feminist praxis; for theory, research and practice. We explore severalExpand
The boundaries of international law: A feminist analysis
1. Women and the international legal system 2. Feminist theories and international law 3. Modes of international law-making 4. The law of treaties 5. The idea of the state 6. InternationalExpand
Private Pain/Public Peace: Women’s Rights as Human Rights and Amnesty International’s Report on Violence against Women
  • G. Youngs
  • Political Science
  • Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 2003
I n this article, I examine the 2001 report of Amnesty International (AI), titled Broken Bodies, Shattered Minds: Torture and Ill-Treatment of Women, in relation to women’s rights as human rights. IExpand
Realizing Human Rights for Women
The Vienna Conference not only marked an acceptance of the importance of asserting the indivisibility of human rights for women but also of strengthening the enforcement mechanisms for protectingExpand
Human Rights as Politics and Idolatry
Introduction by Amy Gutmann vii HUMAN RIGHTS AS POLITICS AND IDOLATRY by Michael Ignatieff Human Rights as Politics 3 Human Rights as Idolatry 53 COMMENTS Grounding Human Rights by K. Anthony AppiahExpand