Inside Lab Invest

  title={Inside Lab Invest},
  author={Nicole Rauschert and Stephanie Braendlein and Elisabeth Holzinger and Frank Hensel and Hans-Konrad Mueller-Hermelink and H. Peter Vollmers},
  journal={Laboratory Investigation},
The chaperone GRP78 is a member of the heat-shock protein 70 (HSP70) family and is responsible for cellular homeostasis by preventing stress-induced apoptosis. GRP78 is expressed in all cells of the body. In malignant cells, which are permanently exposed to environmental stress, GRP78 is overexpressed and increased levels can be found in the cytoplasm and on the cell membrane. Thus, GRP78 promotes tumor proliferation, survival, metastases and resistance to a wide variety of therapies. Like… CONTINUE READING
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