Inside Gaza's Al-Shifa hospital

  title={Inside Gaza's Al-Shifa hospital},
  author={Mads Gilbert and Erik Fosse},
  journal={The Lancet},

Visual Spatial and Executive Functions Disorders Among Palestinian Children Living Under Chronic Stress in Gaza

Background: Demonstrating particular neurocognitive impairments due to stressful circumstances among children have been detected. In physical conflict areas around the world, children face various

Engineering for Peace

The greatest tragedy of contemporary engineering is the design, manufacture and use of a great diversity of devastating and indiscriminate weapons. Challenging this grave misuse of engineering should

Annual Report 2012

Group management report Market development 38 Performance and financials 42 Detailed review of income statement items 45 Comparison of results with the previous quarter 50 Statement of financial

TV News and “White Voices”

Abstract The media blockade imposed by Israel during its 22-day invasion of Gaza in December 2008 - January 2009 barred foreign reporters from entering Gaza. Eye witness reports were restricted to

Objektivt i Gaza

Israel–Gaza conflict

Protectors or Perpetrators

Events around the world will highlight successes, campaign for safe facility design and construction, and build momentum for widespread emergency preparedness on World Health Day 2009, which focuses on the importance of investing in health infrastructure.