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Inside COM

  title={Inside COM},
  author={D. Rogerson},
Comparisons between CORBA IDL & COM/DCOM MIDL: interfaces for distributed computing
  • C. Exton, D. Watkins, D. Thompson
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings. Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems, TOOLS 25 (Cat. No.97TB100239)
  • 1997
An overview of both interface definition languages and a comparison between them based on the experiences developing distributed systems using both are provided and some conclusions about the strengths and weaknesses are drawn. Expand
Design and Implementation of Web-Based Archive Dispatching Management System
University graduate archives are very important to graduates, but for now, there exist a number of problems in archive management, especially in archive dispatching. This paper proposes a web-basedExpand
An Algorithm and System for Measuring Impedance in D-Q Coordinates
Overlooking roots: a framework for making nondeferred reference-counting garbage collection fast
This paper shows that many of these optimizations for nondeferred reference-counting garbage collection can be unified using a notion called overlooking roots, and shows how the notion enables more powerful versions of past optimizations and makes new optimizations possible. Expand
NCWin — A Component Object Model (COM) for Processing and Visualizing NetCDF Data
The NCWin can easily extend the functions of some current GIS software and the Office applications, and examples of calling NCWin within ArcGIS and MS PowerPoint for showing NetCDF map animations are given. Expand
HydroJ: object-oriented pattern matching for evolvable distributed systems
HydroJ, an extension of Java that addresses the brittle parameter problem, and stems from two central ideas: first, that self-describing messages reduce dependence on inessential message format details; and second, that object-oriented pattern matching naturally focuses on the essential information in a message and is insensitive to inessential information. Expand
Towards a versioning model for component-based software assembly
  • Jaroslav Gergic
  • Computer Science
  • International Conference on Software Maintenance, 2003. ICSM 2003. Proceedings.
  • 2003
This paper focuses on solving versioning issues in the SOFA/DCUP (software appliances/dynamic component updating) component environment, however, many ideas introduced in this paper are applicable in other component-based environments. Expand
Heterogeneous query processing through SQL table functions
The paper describes an implementation of table functions and its usage for accessing data stored outside SQL databases in diverse external data stores based on IBM DB2 UDB relational database system. Expand
Compound Types : Strong Typing for Architecture Composition
How can strong typing in programming languages support soft ware engineers to express their architectures? How can composition of arch ite tures be expressed? Architectural roles, to be taken over byExpand
Distributed object architectures
Although distributed object architectures present several advantages over the traditional approach, this analysis reveals that the overhead of large architectures like CORBA and DCOM prevent these systems from utilizing higher bandwidth connections as well as light weight network programs. Expand