Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror

  title={Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror},
  author={Rohan Kumar Gunaratna},
Genesis of Al Qae'da - Al Qa'eda Leadership, Ideology and Organisation - Evolution of Al Qae'da: Peshawar to Khartoum and to Kandahar - Al Qa'eda's International Support and Operational Network - Al Qae'da Doctrine: Strategies, Tactics and Targets - A Watershed Event: September 11, 2001 - The International Response 
How do Middle East terrorist organizations build deception tactics into their training to exploit the vulnerabilities of militarily superior opponents? This paper argues that al-Qa'ida has developed
Information strategy of the Al Qaeda terror organisation
In this article a detailed account is given of the information strategies of terrorist organizations with a special emphasis on Al Qaeda, by using a the end–ways–means approach and the model called
Al-Qaeda's operational evolution: behavioral and organizational perspectives.
The emergence of a new form of transnational terrorism and al-Qaeda's progression from being an organization to an ideological movement are described and its trajectory is analyzed, drawing on a theory of social movements.
Al Qaeda's Nests of Evil: The Threat of State Sponsored Terrorism
Paper examines the importance and efficacy of state sponsorship to al Qaeda's global operations.
Al Qaeda's Miscommunication War: The Terrorism Paradox
The Bush administration's response to the September 11 attacks has rendered more urgent Al Qaeda's stated objective to eject the United States from the Middle East. The aim here is not to evaluate
The Effectiveness of the Drone Campaign against Al Qaeda Central: A Case Study
ABSTRACT This article examines the effects the drone strike campaign in Pakistan is having on Al Qaeda Central. To that end, it constructs a theoretical model to explain how the campaign is affecting
Challenging the Hegemon: Al Qaeda's Elevation of Asymmetric Insurgent Warfare Onto the Global Arena
This chapter examines how Al Qaeda, an asymmetric power, was able to become a global challenger to the existing international structure. Neither regional insurgency theories nor grand-scale global
Al-Qaeda's Armies: Middle East Affiliate Groups & The Next Generation of Terror
Exposes the most significant terrorist threats from the world's most dangerous terror group and its affiliates; The first in a series of select co-publications between SPI Press and The Washington
Operational Combat Analysis of the Al Qaeda Network
Contemporary network organizational structures have gradually developed over the last decades of the twentieth century. These new structures are challenging the traditional hierarchical structure