Insertion of peptide chains into lipid membranes: An off‐lattice Monte Carlo dynamics model

  title={Insertion of peptide chains into lipid membranes: An off‐lattice Monte Carlo dynamics model},
  author={M. Milik and J. Skolnick},
  journal={Proteins: Structure},
  • M. Milik, J. Skolnick
  • Published 1993
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Proteins: Structure
  • A combination of dynamic Monte Carlo simulation techniques with a hydropathy scale method for the prediction of the location of transmembrane fragments in membrane proteins is described. The new hydropathy scale proposed here is based on experimental data for the interactions of tripeptides with phospholipid membranes (Jacobs, R.E., White, S.H. Biochemistry 26:6127–6134, 1987) and the self‐solvation effect in protein systems (Roseman, M.A., J. Mol. Biol. 200:513–522, 1988). The simulations give… CONTINUE READING
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