Insertion element IS102 resides in plasmid pSC101.


In vivo recombination was found to occur between plasmid pHS1, a temperature-sensitive replication mutant of pSC101 carrying tetracycline resistance, and plasmid ColE1 after selection for tetracycline resistance at the restrictive temperature, 42 degrees C. Extensive analysis of the physical structures of three of these recombinant plasmids, using… (More)


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@article{Ohtsubo1980InsertionEI, title={Insertion element IS102 resides in plasmid pSC101.}, author={Hisako Ohtsubo and M Zenilman and Eiichi Ohtsubo}, journal={Journal of bacteriology}, year={1980}, volume={144 1}, pages={131-40} }