Insecticidal and synergistic components isolated from dill plants.

  title={Insecticidal and synergistic components isolated from dill plants.},
  author={E. Paul Lichtenstein and Tung Liang and Kathryn Schulz and Heinrich K. Schnoes and Guy T Carter},
  journal={Journal of agricultural and food chemistry},
  volume={22 4},
Dill plants (Anethurn graueolus L.), whose seeds have been used for centuries for flavoring of various human foods, were found to contain insecticidal components which also were synergistic for carbamate and organophosphorus insecticides with some insect species. Four major compounds were isolated and identified: d-carvone was present in the aerial parts of dill, including seeds (“dill greens”) a t 3625 ppm, myristicin was found in both dill “greens” (24 ppm) and roots (41 ppm), while apiol and… CONTINUE READING