Insecta, Hymenoptera, Bethylidae: range extension and filling gaps in Madagascar

  title={Insecta, Hymenoptera, Bethylidae: range extension and filling gaps in Madagascar},
  author={Daniele Mugrabi and Celso Oliveira Azevedo},
  journal={Check List},
Bethylidae are cosmopolitan wasps, with about 100 valid genera and about 2,400 valid species around the world, with 39 genera recorded from the Afrotropical region. This study aimed to determine the genera of Bethylidae occurring in Madagascar. The specimens were collected in Madagascar with several traps. A total of 18,915 specimens were obtained and 27 genera recognized. Nine of them are already recorded from Madagascar: Epyris , Glenosema , Goniozus Laelius , Pilomesitius Pristocera… 

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Ecologia de comunidade de Bethylidae ( Hymenoptera , Chrysidoidea ) da Reserva Biológica do Roncador , Brasília , DF , Brasil
  • Revista Brasileira de Zoologia
  • 1999