Insect-antifeedant and antibacterial activity of diterpenoids from species of Plectranthus.

  title={Insect-antifeedant and antibacterial activity of diterpenoids from species of Plectranthus.},
  author={Julia Wellsow and Renee J. Grayer and Nigel C. Veitch and Tetsuo Kokubun and Roberto Lelli and Geoffrey C. Kite and Monique S. J. Simmonds},
  volume={67 16},
Bio-assay guided fractionation of an acetone extract of leaf material from Plectranthus saccatus Benth. resulted in the isolation of a beyerane diterpenoid. This compound, characterised by spectroscopic methods as ent-3beta-(3-methyl-2-butenoyl)oxy-15-beyeren-19-oic acid, showed insect antifeedant activity against Spodoptera littoralis. Known quinonoid abietane diterpenoids obtained from new sources included a mixture of the (4R,19R) and (4R,19S) diastereoisomers of coleon A from P. aff… CONTINUE READING
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