Inquisitorial Prosecution of Tomás Treviño de Sobremonte, a Crypto-Jew in Colonial Mexico

  title={Inquisitorial Prosecution of Tom{\'a}s Trevi{\~n}o de Sobremonte, a Crypto-Jew in Colonial Mexico},
  author={Matthew D. Warshawsky},
  journal={Colonial Latin American Review},
  pages={101 - 123}
In the years following the 1492 expulsion of Jews from Spain, many conversos (Jewish converts to Catholicism and their descendants) left the Iberian Peninsula for Northern Europe, the Ottoman Empire, and Latin America. In the first two places, the New Christians could become Jews again; in the American territories of Spain and Portugal, however, Judaism was forbidden to these baptized Catholics. Conversos there who wished to practice Judaic rites did so secretly and often with a rudimentary… Expand
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Speculum Historiale
  • In The story of Joseph in Spanish Golden Age drama,
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