Input Displacement Neuro-fuzzy Control and Object Recognition by Compliant Multi-fingered Passively Adaptive Robotic Gripper

  title={Input Displacement Neuro-fuzzy Control and Object Recognition by Compliant Multi-fingered Passively Adaptive Robotic Gripper},
  author={Dalibor Petkovi{\'c} and Shahaboddin Shamshirband and Nor Badrul Anuar and Aznul Qalid Md Sabri and Zulkanain Abdul Rahman and Nenad D. Pavlovic},
  journal={Journal of Intelligent \& Robotic Systems},
The requirement for new flexible adaptive grippers is the ability to detect and recognize objects in their environments. It is known that robotic manipulators are highly nonlinear systems, and an accurate mathematical model is difficult to obtain, thus making it difficult make decision strategies using conventional techniques. Here, an adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) for controlling input displacement and object recognition of a new adaptive compliant gripper is presented. The… 
Design and analysis of underactuated robotic gripper with adaptive fingers for objects grasping tasks
The performance analysis and grasping experiments present that the proposed underactuated gripper has the capacity of enveloping objects with different shapes and sizes, and it can achieve the power grasp and precision grasp like a human hand.
Optimal Design of a Soft Robotic Gripper for Grasping Unknown Objects.
The proposed compliant gripper is a low-cost design that can be used in grasping of size-varied vulnerable objects and shows that objects with the sizes between 42 and 141 mm can be grasped by the developed soft robotic gripper.
The result shows that the gripper system with trapezoidal memberships achieved faster response and good grasp and the proposed system with feedback has produced the best result to grasp the object with suitable torques and angles in comparison to the non-feedback grippers system.
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Design and Evaluation of a Novel Hybrid Soft Surgical Gripper for Safe Digital Nerve Manipulation
A miniaturized hybrid soft surgical gripper is proposed for safe nerve manipulation in digital nerve repair surgery that includes a soft inflatable actuator and a gripper shell with a hook-shaped structure.
Topology Synthesis and Optimal Design of an Adaptive Compliant Gripper to Maximize Output Displacement
An efficient soft-add topology optimization algorithm is developed to synthesize the optimal topology of the ACG, which provides numerical methods for design and analysis of compliant mechanisms with better computational efficiency and to develop an innovative adaptive compliant gripper for fast grasping of unknown objects.
Stability analysis of brain emotional intelligent controller with application to electrically driven robot manipulators
The main objective of this study is that the stability of the BELBIC in tracking control of a class of uncertain non-linear systems is guaranteed and, based on the proposed stability analysis and Barbalat's lemma, BelBIC can yield in the asymptotic convergence of the tracking error to zero.
Underactuated robotics: A review
The non-holonomic constraint equation is taken as the entry point to classify and summarize underactuated robot and their common mechanisms and the difficulties in the current research of underActuated robot are summarized.


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