Input/Output Streaming Complexity of Reversal and Sorting

  title={Input/Output Streaming Complexity of Reversal and Sorting},
  author={Nathana{\"e}l François and F. Magniez},
  • Nathanaël François, F. Magniez
  • Published in APPROX-RANDOM 2014
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • We consider unidirectional data streams with restricted access, such as read-only and write-only streams. For read-write streams, we also introduce a new complexity measure called expansion, the ratio between the space used on the stream and the input size. We give tight bounds for the complexity of reversing a stream of length $n$ in several of the possible models. In the read-only and write-only model, we show that $p$-pass algorithms need memory space ${\Theta}(n/p)$. But if either the… CONTINUE READING
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