Inositol treatment raises CSF inositol levels.

  title={Inositol treatment raises CSF inositol levels.},
  author={Joseph Levine and A. Rapaport and Lapidus Lev and Yuly Bersudsky and Ora Kofman and Robert Haim Belmaker and Joseph 1. Shapiro and Galila Agam},
  journal={Brain research},
  volume={627 1},
Inositol is a key precursor for synthesis of phosphatidylinositol in a major second messenger signalling system. It is biologically active in syndromes such as respiratory distress syndrome but has been thought to be excluded from CNS by the blood-brain barrier. Oral inositol treatment of 8 patients is shown to significantly increase CSF inositol by almost 70%, suggesting possible CNS therapeutic applications of this compound and possible CNS side-effects of systemic therapy. 

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