Inositol pyrophosphates as mammalian cell signals.

  title={Inositol pyrophosphates as mammalian cell signals.},
  author={Anutosh Chakraborty and Seyun Kim and Solomon H Snyder},
  journal={Science signaling},
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Inositol pyrophosphates are highly energetic inositol polyphosphate molecules present in organisms from slime molds and yeast to mammals. Distinct classes of enzymes generate different forms of inositol pyrophosphates. The biosynthesis of these substances principally involves phosphorylation of inositol hexakisphosphate (IP₆) to generate the pyrophosphate IP₇. Initial insights into functions of these substances derived primarily from yeast, which contain a single isoform of IP₆ kinase (yIP₆K… CONTINUE READING