Innovative strategies in the management of acute stroke.


Advances in acute stroke therapy are rapidly changing our approach to management of patients with ischemic stroke. Intravenous tissue-plasminogen activator (tPA) was the first treatment demonstrated in a randomized controlled trial to improve outcome if given within the first 3 hours of stroke onset. Subsequent trials failed to extend the time window for intravenous therapy beyond 3 hours. Intra-arterial thrombolysis provides an alternative approach, with several advantages over intravenous therapy. The major drawback is the additional time needed for the interventional procedure, and the equipment and personnel requirements. New strategies aimed at reducing the total time from stroke onset to recanalization of occluded arteries include a combined intravenous/ intra-arterial delivery of thrombolysis and mechanical devices. For the millions of stroke survivors, investigations are now underway into the possibility of improvement of function through neuronal transplantation.

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