Innovative Techniques For Two-Phase Flow Measurements

  title={Innovative Techniques For Two-Phase Flow Measurements},
  author={Basel Ahmed},
  journal={Recent Patents on Electrical Engineering},
  • B. Ahmed
  • Published 2008
  • Engineering
  • Recent Patents on Electrical Engineering
Two-phase flow is important in an increasing number of applications and industries. For example, the safety analysis codes for the nuclear energy industry require closure relations for the vapor-liquid interfacial transfer terms, while accurate two-phase pressure drop models are necessary to design the piping systems in the oil and gas industry. Also, two-phase flow occurs in heat exchangers, steam generators, chemical reactors, oil transportation and many other process equipments. In addition… 

Horizontal Air-Water Two-Phase Flow Measurement Using an Electrical Impedance Probe and a Venturi Flow Meter

Two-phase flow rate measurement is extremely important in many industrial sectors (nuclear, chemical, oil and gas, etc.). Nevertheless, the instrumentation required to perform these measurements is

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The significance for measuring the accurate flow rate of gases in pipelines has been ever-increasing in the industrialized regions. There arises the need for gross measurements of gas-flow at some

Electrical and Mechanical Sensor-Based Mass Flow Rate Measurement System: A Comparative Approach

Gas-Solid flow finds its application in various industries such as chemical and food processes, pharmaceuticals, automobile and power generation. The precise measurement and real-time monitoring of

Analysis of Complex Solid-Gas Flow under the Influence of Gravity through Inclined Channel and Comparison with Real-Time Dual-Sensor System

Gas-solid flow is used in the chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceuticals, vehicles, and power generation. The calculation of flow has aroused great interest in contemporary industry. In recent

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Design and implementation of a multi-sensor system for gas–water flow measurement

Abstract Gas–water two-phase flow is commonly encountered in industrial processes. It is still a challenging problem to accurately measure the flow parameters due to complex flow mechanics of the



Capacitance Sensors for Void-Fraction Measurements and Flow-Pattern Identification in Air–Oil Two-Phase Flow

  • W. Ahmed
  • Physics, Engineering
    IEEE Sensors Journal
  • 2006
The design methodology of capacitance sensors for void-fraction measurement in adiabatic two-phase flow systems is presented in this paper. The effect of design parameters on the capacitance output

Characteristics of Air-Oil Two-Phase Flow Across a Sudden Expansion

The pressure recovery and void fraction change of air-oil two-phase flow across a sudden expansion has been investigated experimentally over a range of flow conditions. The pressure upstream and

PC-based gas-solids two-phase mass flowmeter for pneumatically conveying systems

Application of electrical capacitance tomography for measurement of gas-solids flow characteristics in a pneumatic conveying system

Transient three-dimensional multiphase flows are a characteristic feature of many industrial processes. The experimental observations and measurements of such flows are extremely difficult, and

Sensor systems for lightly loaded pneumatic conveyors