Innovations in the treatment of invasive cervical cancer.

  title={Innovations in the treatment of invasive cervical cancer.},
  author={Frederick B. Stehman and Peter G Rose and Benjamin Greer and Michel Roy and M. A. A. A. Daniel R. Plante and M Dolores Pe{\~n}alver and Anuja Jhingran and Patricia J. Eifel and Fredrick J Montz and J. Taylor Wharton},
  volume={98 9 Suppl},
Invasive cervical cancer is characterized by basement membrane-invading lesions capable of metastasizing through the lymphatic and vascular systems. Treatment methods were reviewed by panelists at the Second International Conference on Cervical Cancer (Houston, TX, April 11-14, 2002), and new opportunities for translational research were discussed. Reviews encompassed hysterectomy with or without lymph node dissection or cervical conization in cases with microinvasion and radical trachelectomy… CONTINUE READING