Innovations in health care services: The CAALYX system

  title={Innovations in health care services: The CAALYX system},
  author={Artur Rocha and Angelo Martins and Jos{\'e} Celso Freire Junior and Maged N. Kamel Boulos and Manuel Escriche Vicente and Robert Feld and Pepijn van de Ven and John Nelson and Alan Bourke and Gear{\'o}id {\'O} Laighin and Claudio Sdogati and Angela Jobes and Leire Narvaiza and Alejandro Rodr{\'i}guez-Molinero},
  journal={International journal of medical informatics},
  volume={82 11},
PURPOSE This paper describes proposed health care services innovations, provided by a system called CAALYX (Complete Ambient Assisted Living eXperiment). CAALYX aimed to provide healthcare innovation by extending the state-of-the-art in tele-healthcare, by focusing on increasing the confidence of elderly people living autonomously, by building on the knowledge base of the most common disorders and respective characteristic vital sign changes for this age group. METHODS A review of the state… CONTINUE READING
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