Innovations in Emergency Nursing: Transforming Emergency Care Through a Novel Nurse‐Driven ED Telehealth Express Care Service

  title={Innovations in Emergency Nursing: Transforming Emergency Care Through a Novel Nurse‐Driven ED Telehealth Express Care Service},
  author={Catherine McHugh and Rhonda Krinsky and Rahul Sharma},
  journal={Journal of Emergency Nursing},

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Embracing the future for emergency nurse practitioners and specialty practice: Implications for research, clinical practice, education, and health policy.
These processes provide a future-oriented model that promotes advancement of the NP profession through provision of new NP specialty designations as they emerge to meet changing health care system needs.
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During a mass casualty disaster drill at NewYork-Presbyterian’s Lower Manhattan Hospital in April 2019, the Emergency Department (ED) used telemedicine to see low-acuity ‘walking wounded’ patients.
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Whether patterns of potentially unnecessary referrals from either primary care physicians (PCPs) or urgent care centers (UCCs) can be identified will be identified to reduce ED visits by patients who could be treated elsewhere and further reduce potentially unnecessary visits to the ED.
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Telehealth has the potential to significantly change the specialty of emergency medicine (EM) and has rapidly expanded in EM during the COVID pandemic; however, it is unclear how EM should intersect
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Fast track emergency care delivers better effects, improving efficiency levels and effects of emergency treatment in patients with acute cerebral infarction, and these patients enjoy a significantly higher quality of survival and are more likely to express satisfaction.
Efficiency measures of emergency departments: an Italian systematic literature review
The aim of this study is to identify an organisational model or guidelines that can be implemented in EDs to fill inefficiencies and ensure access optimal treatment both in terms of resources and timing.
Dalbavancin Use in the Emergency Department Setting
The results suggest that patients may be safely administered DBV in an ED setting, with telehealth follow-up, and providing structured patient selection criteria is an effective method of assisting ED providers in selecting appropriate DBV candidates to limit potential recurrences and readmissions.


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Reasons for Emergency Room Use Among U.S. Adults Aged 18-64: National Health Interview Survey, 2013 and 2014.
Differences persist in ER use and reasons for ER use at most recent visit by insurance type as well as sociodemographic characteristics.
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