Innovation and public procurement: Terminology, concepts, and applications

  title={Innovation and public procurement: Terminology, concepts, and applications},
  author={Nikolaus Obwegeser and Sune Dueholm M{\"u}ller},

How public client’s control systems affect contractors’ innovation possibilities

Purpose This paper aims to identify how a public client’s use of control systems (process, output and social control) affect innovation possibilities in construction projects.

Public procurement as an attractive customer: a supplier perspective

PurposeBuyer–supplier relationships in public procurement have garnered increasing attention in research, yet studies on the perspective of suppliers on public procurement have remained limited. This

The rise of GovTech: Trojan horse or blessing in disguise? A research agenda

The upcoming rise of SMEs in cross-border public procurement: is it a matter of networking capabilities?

The participation of SMEs in public procurement is a recurring theme in recent academic literature. However, little attention has been paid to its influence in cross-border procurement. To



Innovation in Public Management: Is Public E-Procurement a Wave of the Future? A Theoretical and Exploratory Analysis

Project management has become an answer to many traditional organizational structuration and performance shortcomings, while gaining currency in business and public sector organizations. Public

Supply management concepts in local government: Four case studies

The purpose of the article is to examine the factors that either foster or impede adoption of supply-chain management processes by public sector organizations, as well as to identify the potential

Cognitive distance in public procurement and public–private partnerships: An analysis of the construction sector

Public–private partnerships (PPPs) are understood as collaborative devices that can be used to achieve both efficiency and innovation. For this potential to be realized, however, some significant

Michoud Assembly Facility: A Commercially Friendly Government Facility

The transformation of the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility to a new business model began as a part of NASA’s innovative procurement concept to have a site operator that would be able to support


The dynamic capabilities framework analyzes the sources and methods of wealth creation and capture by private enterprise firms operating in environments of rapid technological change. The competitive

The integration of suppliers and manufacturers within construction supply chains through innovative procurement strategies

Recent innovative procurement initiatives are challenging traditional ways of procuring construction projects. These initiatives are intended to empower clients to exercise more control over the

Benefits of freeway investment through innovative procurement

South Africa’s pressing development challenges include an ageing road network and sharp growth in road traffic. The construction of adequate transport infrastructure, and the capital investment

The impact of recession on construction procurement routes

The UK entered recession in Q2 (2008) and exited in Q4 (2009) as a consequence of world recession, creating major repercussions for the construction sector. In response, the government introduced a

Innovative construction procurement at Wits University

Many construction projects end up with a wide gap between achieved and expected outcomes, which puts value for money for a project at risk. A root cause of this problem may lie in the development of