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Innovation Through IT and Business Process Outsourcing - Literature Review

  title={Innovation Through IT and Business Process Outsourcing - Literature Review},
  author={M. Gambal and A. Asatiani},
Innovation is increasingly expected in today’s ongoing outsourcing relationships. While prior studies made considerable strides to examine innovation through outsourcing, the research landscape remains highly fragmented. In this review, we bring together and analyse prior research examining this emerging phenomenon in the contexts of IT outsourcing (ITO) and business process outsourcing (BPO). We focus on articles published between 1997 and 2018 in the top outlets across information systems (IS… Expand
Leveraging Information Systems Outsourcing for Innovation
The preliminary findings indicate that an effective organization of IS outsourcing for innovation necessitates consideration of how engagement-specific factors and factors outside of the project may affect an initiative's innovation potential. Expand


Modularity and innovation in knowledge intensive business services: IT outsourcing in Germany and the UK
Abstract Drawing on an empirical study of IT outsourcing in the UK and Germany, this paper explores the lessons for modularity that can be drawn from the outsourcing of knowledge-intensive businessExpand
Outsourcing: From Cost Management to Innovation and Business Value
As the outsourcing market has matured over the past 20 years, clients and suppliers have begun to examine how these complex relationships can not only achieve cost savings, but also enable innovationExpand
Outsourcing R&D: A Review, Model, and Research Agenda
Outsourcing R&D is an increasingly explored corporate practice. Extant research advanced our initial understanding of its increasing importance and benefits. While the associated literature hasExpand
Business process outsourcing studies: a critical review and research directions
Two models of BPO are developed and nine future paths of research pertaining to innovation effects, retained capabilities, environmental influences, global destinations, supplier capabilities, pricing models, business analytics, emerging models, and grounded theory development are proposed. Expand
Strategic innovation through outsourcing: The role of relational and contractual governance
Results from a pan-European survey of 248 large firms suggest that high-quality relationships between clients and suppliers may indeed help achieve strategic innovation through outsourcing, but only the partnership contract, when included in the client contract portfolio alongside either fixed-price, time and materials or their combination, presents a significant positive effect on relational governance. Expand
Global Multisourcing Strategy: Integrating Learning From Manufacturing Into IT Service Outsourcing
  • N. Su, N. Levina
  • Business, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
  • 2011
This paper conceptualize a firm's multisourcing supply base along the dimensions of breadth and depth and theorize about the impact of these two dimensions on outsourcing outcomes and conducts case studies of two global financial services firms to illustrate the configurations and identify patterns of evolution of global multisourced strategy in customized information systems development. Expand
The Impact of Firm Learning on Value Creation in Strategic Outsourcing Relationships
Using data from the hundred largest outsourcing deals between 1996 and 2005, it is found that whereas relational learning influences value creation in both simple and complex outsourcing engagements, procedural learning impacts value only in complex initiatives. Expand
The impact of outsourcing new technologies on integrative capabilities and performance
The study uses survey and archival data on banks' outsourcing strategies for Internet adoption to test for the performance consequences of outsourcing, which are found to be negative, but the findings show that outsourcing is less detrimental for firms with experience in prior related technology. Expand
Outsourcing Complex Business Processes: Lessons from an Enterprise Partnership
Outsourcing initiatives are key to firm efforts to focus on core competencies, alter engrained practices and attain significant cost reductions in non-core processes. Extensive thought goes into theExpand
Review of the empirical business services sourcing literature: an update and future directions
This update found that researchers have significantly expanded the variables of interest in the last 4 years, and proposed a future research agenda that includes continued, incremental progress on ‘normal science’ research questions, as well as more ambitious research goals. Expand