Inner functions and cyclic vectors in the Bloch space

  title={Inner functions and cyclic vectors in the Bloch space},
  author={J. Milne Anderson and J. L. Fern{\aa}ndez and Allen L. Shields},
  journal={Transactions of the American Mathematical Society},
In this paper we construct a singular inner function whose polynomial multiples are dense in the little Bloch space qo . To do this we construct a singular measure on the unit circle with "best possible" control of both the first and second differences. 
Multipliers and Cyclic Vectors on the Weighted Bloch Space
In this paper we study the pointwise multipliers and cyclic vectors on the weighted Bloch space βL = {f ∈ H(D) : supD(1 − |z| 2 ) ln( 2 1ijzj )|f 0 (z)| < +∞}. We obtain a characterization of
In this note we summarize some necessary and sufficient conditions for subspaces invariant with respect to the backward shift to contain smooth functions. We also discuss smoothness of moduli of
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(1998). On smoothness of symmetric mappings. Complex Variables, Theory and Application: An International Journal: Vol. 37, No. 1-4, pp. 161-169.
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A general class of energy integrals in ℝn, including standard Riesz and Bessel α-energy integrals, is considered and it is shown that the modulus of continuity of positive measures for which such
Cyclic inner functions in growth classes and applications to approximation problems
It is well-known that for any inner function θ defined in the unit disk D the following two conditons: ( i ) there exists a sequence of polynomials { p n } n such that lim n →∞ θ ( z ) p n ( z ) = 1


Cyclic Vectors in Banach Spaces of Analytic Functions
In these three lectures we consider Banach spaces of analytic functions on plane domains. If the space admits the operator of multiplication by z, then it is of interest to describe the cyclic
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On Bloch functions and normal functions.
The space of all Bloch functions will be denoted by «^. There are several distinct characterisations of Bloch functions: (i) f € @l if and only if the f amily of functions f,(*) = ΐ(φ(*ϊ) f(?(0));
Bounded analytic functions and absolutely continuous measures
This result was conjectured by A. E. Taylor in 1951 (see [7, p. 33]). The analogous proposition for two-sided sequences ...*, a-i, ao, a,, * * * }, with the space HX of bounded analytic functions
The second duals of certain spaces of analytic functions
  • L. Rubel, A. Shields
  • Mathematics, Philosophy
    Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society
  • 1970
Let ϕ be a continuous, decreasing, real-valued funtion on 0 ≦ r ≦ 1 with ϕ(1) = 0 and ϕ(r) > 0 for r < 1. Let E0 be the Banach space of analytic function f on the open unit disc D, such that
Bounded projections, duality, and multipliers in spaces of harmonic functions.
We continue the study, begun in [12], of duality and multipliers in Banach spaces of harmonic and analytic functions in the unit disc. Primarily, we study the spaces defined by a growth restriction
Cyclic elements in some spaces of analytic functions
DEFINITIONS. 1. A~ (p > 0) is the Banach space of analytic functions f(z) in U = {z G C| \z\ < 1} that satisfy \f(z)\ = o[(l \z\)~] (\z\ > 1) with the norm \\f\\ = max{ |f(z)\(l z)} (z G If). Note
The space of bounded analytic functions on a region
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