Inner ear decompression sickness in sport compressed-air diving.

  title={Inner ear decompression sickness in sport compressed-air diving.},
  author={Zohar Nachum and Avi Shupak and Orna Spitzer and Zohara Sharoni and Ilana Doweck and C R Gordon},
  journal={The Laryngoscope},
  volume={111 5},
OBJECTIVE We report our experience over the past 12 years with recreational diving-related inner ear decompression sickness (IEDCS). STUDY DESIGN Retrospective, consecutive case series. METHODS Twenty-four divers, representing 29 cases of IEDCS, are presented with regard to evaluation, treatment, and follow-up. RESULTS These 29 cases represent 26% of the severe decompression sickness (DCS) cases treated in that period. The patient group includes 22 divers who had a single event of IEDCS… CONTINUE READING
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