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Inmon vs. Kimball - An Analysis

  title={Inmon vs. Kimball - An Analysis},
  author={Nagesh V. Anupindi and R. Kimball},
INTRODUCTION TO WILLIAM INMON AND RALPH KIMBALL Mr. William (Bill) Inmon is known as the “Father of Data Warehousing”, entitled for coining the term “Data Warehouse” in 1991. He defined a model to support “single version of the truth” and championed the concept for more than a decade. He also created “Corporate Information Factory” in collaboration with Ms. Claudia Imhoff. Mr. Inmon is known to have published 40+ books and 600+ articles. 
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Mastering Data Warehouse Design. ABOUT THE AUTHORS Nagesh Anupindi, Ph.D., is an Executive Consultant in Information Technology for Xcel Energy
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