Inmate-to-Inmate Sexual Coercion in a Prison for Women

  title={Inmate-to-Inmate Sexual Coercion in a Prison for Women},
  author={Christopher Hensley and Tammy Castle and Richard Allan Tewksbury},
  journal={Journal of Offender Rehabilitation},
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Abstract Inmate-to-inmate sexual coercion remains a relatively unexplored topic within correctional literature, especially concerning female inmates. Using data gathered in March 2000 via questionnaires with 245 inmates in a southern female correctional facility, the authors examine various demographic characteristics of victim and perpetrator inmate-to-inmate sexual coercion. Respondents were asked a series of questions regarding their victimization and/or perpetration of threatened or… 
Possible solutions for preventing inmate sexual Assault: Examining wardens’ beliefs
Inmate sexual assault has long been a problem within the American correctional system. Prison sex researchers have prescribed various remedies and solutions for dealing with this issue. However, few
Sexual Assault in Prison and Beyond
Examining 436 female inmates in a large Southern prison system and explores demographic characteristics as predictors of sexual victimization reveals significant demographic predictors were revealed for lifetimeSexual victimization but not for in-prison sexual victimizations.
The impact of institutional factors on officially reported sexual assaults in prisons
Not only has research on prison sexual assault been rather scarce the past four decades, but few of these studies have ascertained the number of officially reported inmate-on-inmate sexual assaults.
Is Sexual Assault a Problem in Greek Prisons? Initial Evidence from a Greek Male Prison
This study aimed to explore the problem of inmate sexual victimization in a Greek male prison. A total of 400 individuals were approached in the largest Greek male prison and 50 individuals
Sexual Violence Inside Prisons: Rates of Victimization
Sexual violence inside prison is an urgent public health issue needing targeted interventions to prevent and ameliorate its health and social consequences, which spatially concentrate in poor inner-city areas where these individuals ultimately return.
Official incidents of inmate-on-inmate misconduct at a women’s prison: using importation and deprivation theories to compare perpetrators to victims
Importation and deprivation theories have long been used to explain prison misconduct and victimization among male inmates. However, the key variables from these theories have rarely been tested on
In spite of the passage of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), sexual assault within correctional facilities continues to be a phenomenon that plagues justice officials, offenders, and inmate
Individual and Institutional Characteristics Related to Inmate Victimization
Results show that similar institutional-level variables predict both types of inmate victimization; however, there are some differences between outcomes based on inmate-level characteristics.
Child Maltreatment Histories Among Female Inmates Reporting Inmate on Inmate Sexual Victimization in Prison
Emotion dysregulation emanating from early abuse experiences was found to mediate links between CM, particularly co-occurring CM, and sexual coercion in prison, but it was unrelated to forced prison sexual experiences.
Patterns of Victimization Among Male and Female Inmates: Evidence of an Enduring Legacy
Rates of victimization for male and female inmates by type of perpetrator and form of victimizations and their association with types of childhood victimization (sexual or physical) are estimated.


Characteristics of Prison Sexual Assault Targets in Male Oklahoma Correctional Facilities
Research on male inmate sexual assault has been quite limited in correctional literature. Even fewer of these studies have focused specifically on the characteristics of sexual assault targets.
Sexual coercion reported by women in three midwestern prisons
It is concluded that the prison environment potentially fosters female sexual aggression among inmates and sexual exploitation by staff.
Sex in Prison: Exploring the Myths and Realities
Prison narratives, mass media, and conclusions drawn from institutional research have fostered a perception of widespread “homosexual rape” in male penitentiaries. However, studies of sexual contact
Sexual Coercion Rates in Seven Midwestern Prison Facilities for Men
Sexual coercion rates in seven prison facilities for men in midwestern states were assessed. Anonymous written surveys were distributed to the total population of 7,032 inmates and 1,936 security
Sexual Assault in a Prison
The fact that only 12 of 1100 inmates were identified by staff as having sexually assaulted other inmates over a 12-mo. period suggests that sexual assault may not be a frequent problem in federal
Sexual Coercion Reported by Men and Women in Prison
An anonymous survey of 1,800 men and women in a Midwestern state prison system revealed that 104 of 516 respondents (20%) had been pressured or forced at least once to have sexual contact against
Men behind bars : sexual exploitation in prison
1 Introduction.- 1 Introduction.- I Institutional and Cultural Patterns.- 2 Nature of Prison Exploitation.- 3 Prison Setting and Sexual Scene.- 4 Behavior, Sexual Orientation, and Ethnicity.- II The
Sexual Victimization and Inmate Social Interaction
In his 1980 study of victimization in prison, Lee Bowker commented that &dquo;like heterosexual rape on the streets, prison homosexual rape has effects that go beyond its immediate victims.&dquo;
Prison homosexuality and its effect on post-prison sexual behavior.
Ex-prisoners whose initiation into homosexuality occurred during prison are studied to find an answer to Kirkham's question can such men return to conventional heterosexual lives after release, or has the experience of being forced into acts of passive homosexuality been so traumatic as to preclude the resumption of sexual relations with members of the opposite sex.
Sexual coercion reported
  • 2002