Inkjet-printed antennas for 28 GHz 5G applications

  title={Inkjet-printed antennas for 28 GHz 5G applications},
  author={Waqas Ahmad and Djuradj Budimir},
  journal={2016 Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC)},
This paper presents the layout and results of an inkjet-printed antenna for 5G applications operating at 28 GHz. The inkjet-printing based antenna was modelled using silver nanoparticle ink on flexible Kapton substrate, with copper for the ground plane. Simulation results of the antenna have been presented. The antenna shows a resonant frequency at 27.75 GHz at a return loss of more than 16 dB. The distribution of surface currents of the antenna at the resonant frequency is provided and shows… CONTINUE READING