Inkjet 3D Printed Miniature Water Turbine Energy Harvester-Flow Meter for Distributed Measurement Systems

  title={Inkjet 3D Printed Miniature Water Turbine Energy Harvester-Flow Meter for Distributed Measurement Systems},
  author={Krzysztof Adamski and Jarosław Adamski and Jan A. Dziuban and Rafal Walczak},
An energy harvester fabricated by inkjet 3D printing based on miniature water flow turbine with mechanical and electrical components necessary for electrical energy generation is shown. Turbine (outside diameter 25.4 mm (1”) and 14 mm length) is able to generate electric power of 4 mW for 14 L/min of water flow and it gives 0.7 V for optimal load resistance (RL = 55 Ω). The harvester itself may be used as self-suppling water-flow, zero-energetic sensor in the distributed nets of water… Expand

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