Injectivity Conditions of 2D and 3D Uniform Cubic B-Spline Functions

  title={Injectivity Conditions of 2D and 3D Uniform Cubic B-Spline Functions},
  author={Yongchoel Choi and Seungyong Lee},
  journal={Graphical Models},
Uniform cubic B-spline functionshave beenusedfor mappingfunctionsin various areassuch as imagewarping andmorphing,3D deformation,andvolumemorphing. Theinjectivity (one-to-oneproperty)of a mappingfunction is importantto obtaingoodresultsin theseareas.Thispaper considersthelocal injectivity conditionsof 2D and3D uniformcubicB-splinefunctions.We proposea geometric interpretationof the local injectivity of a uniformcubicBsplinefunction,with which 2Dand3Dcasescanbehandled in a similar way. Basedon… CONTINUE READING
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