Injection site abscesses caused by Mycobacterium chelonei.

  title={Injection site abscesses caused by Mycobacterium chelonei.},
  author={D H Gremillion and S B Mursch and C J Lerner},
  journal={Infection control : IC},
  volume={4 1},
Subcutaneous abscesses occurred at hip and deltoid injection sites in 13 student nurse assistants following practice injections. Mycobacterium chelonei was isolated from three cases and was the presumptive pathogen in other temporally clustered cases with similar clinical findings. A 1,000 cc bottle of 0.9 N saline used as a source for practice injection solution was the apparent source of the organism. Presenting findings included tenderness (7), swelling (7), fever (3), adenopathy (1) and… CONTINUE READING
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