Injection Lasers With a Resonant-Tunneling Controlling Structure


Extraction and injection of clcctronv via a resonant-tunneling structure (RTS) can provide a fast heating of the clrrtron g w in the active region of three-terminal sen~iconductor lasers [1,2]. Due to string dcpcndcncc of the optical gain on the electron temperature this mechanism can be used for a high-speed control of laser generation. In this work the… (More)

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@article{Ryzhii1996InjectionLW, title={Injection Lasers With a Resonant-Tunneling Controlling Structure}, author={V. Ryzhii and Irina I. Khmyrova and Maxim Ryzhii}, journal={EQEC'96. 1996 European Quantum Electronic Conference}, year={1996}, pages={186-186} }