Initiation of aggregation in colloidal particle monolayers

  title={Initiation of aggregation in colloidal particle monolayers},
  author={D. Robinson and J. Earnshaw},
Measuring Inter-Particle Forces at an Interface with Optical Tweezers and a Long Working-Distance Objective Lens
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Reliable Langmuir Blodgett colloidal masks for large area nanostructure realization
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Single-particle tracking of the formation of a pseudoequilibrium state prior to charged microgel cluster formation at interfaces
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Stabilizing CO2 foams using APTES surface-modified nanosilica: Foamability, foaminess, foam stability, and transport in oil-wet fractured porous media
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2D stokesian simulation of particle aggregation at quiescent air/oil-water interfaces.
It is found that initial particle position plays a small role on equilibrium interfacial microstructure but has a significant impact on aggregation kinetics but interfacial hydrodynamic interactions and inter-particle forces have a strong impact on equilibrium microst structure by altering the amount particles can reposition, which is consistent with published results. Expand
Building Reconfigurable Devices Using Complex Liquid-Fluid Interfaces.
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Approaches to self-assembly of colloidal monolayers: A guide for nanotechnologists.
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Self assembly of oppositely charged latex particles at oil-water interface.
In sequential-mixtures for the first time, a new phase in colloidal monolayers called 2d-bi crystalline domains is observed, a possible mechanism leading to formation of these 2d bi crystalline structures has been discussed. Expand
Bubble and Foam Chemistry